Ivan Goncharov

The Babushkas of Chernobyl


In the radioactive Dead Zone surrounding Chernobyl’s Reactor No. 4, a defiant community of women scratches out an existence on some of the most toxic land on Earth. They share this hauntingly beautiful but lethal landscape with an assortment of interlopers—scientists, soldiers, and even ‘stalkers’—young thrill-seekers who sneak in to pursue post-apocalyptic video game-inspired fantasies. Why the film’s central characters, Hanna Zavorotyna, Maria Shovkuta, and Valentyna Ivanivna, chose to return after the disaster, defying the authorities and endangering their health, is a remarkable tale about the pull of home, the healing power of shaping one’s destiny and the subjective nature of risk.

In 1986, Chornobyl became the site of the greatest nuclear accident in history. An area the size of Luxemburg was contaminated and closed off, but in the years following, some of the residents returned to the exclusion zone and made it their home. At the end of February, Chornobyl again made headlines around the world when it was invaded by a Russian occupying force. The Russians are no longer there but now, at the 36th anniversary of the accident, it is time to look back at the tragic history of Chornobyl.

The programme is as follows:

  • 19.00 – Gunnar Þorri Pétursson, one of Iceland’s leading translators, will discuss and read from his translation of The Chernobyl Prayer by Nobel Prize winning author Svetlana Alexeivich.
  • 19.15 – Writer and historian Valur Gunnarsson will discuss developments in the exclusion zone after the accident and read from his best-selling book Bjarmalönd, written in Ukraine in 2020.
  • 19.30 – Screening of The Babushkas of Chornobyl.

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Подорож до Rush Iceland

Rush Iceland is the biggest indoor leisure park in Iceland, filled with trampolines and activities. There is no age limit but children 5 years and younger need an adult with them on the trampolines and the older kids have to be careful of the little ones.

Time: Friday, April 8th, 12:00-14:00

Place: Rush Iceland, Dalvegur 10-14, Kópavogur

The capacity is up to 170 people. Buses will be provided where possible so please sign up here:

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Ukrainian Film Days


Join us for the fourth screening of Ukrainian cinematography masterpieces.
Since the Russian invasion on February 24, Mariupol has faced constant shelling leading to a humanitarian catastrophe. At the moment the city is besieged for over two weeks. The Russian troops do not allow humanitarian convoys into the besieged city, leaving about 300 000 civilians, around 3000 of whom are newborn babies, without food and medicine. At the time of writing, almost 20 000 civilians have been killed.
“Mariupol, I love you” from Takflix shows life in the city before the invasion. It consists of 4 short films made by Mariupol locals in 2017-2021. They are stories of everyday life, dreams, and relationships and how they were influenced by the first phase of the war in 2014.
In “Me and Mariupol” a Donetsk-born director Piotr Armianovski is talking to people in search of the Mariupol he remembers from his childhood. “Ma” by Maria Stoianova is a conversation between a mother and daughter created from amateur phone footage in the face of war. “Territory of empty windows” and “Diorama” by Mariupol-born Zoya Laktionova explore how the war has changed the face of the city.
The films are in Ukrainian and Russian, with English subtitles.
The event is organized by Support Ukraine Iceland in collaboration with Takflix and the University of Iceland.
Admission is free of charge and your donations are welcome. All raised funds will be donated directly to the Mariupol City Council.
The screening will take place in Veröld – the house of Vidgís (University of Iceland), auditorium VHV-023.
Please arrive before 19:00 to enter the building (the doors are locked from 19:00).

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Сімейний парк і зоопарк Рейк'явіка

We’ll get a guided tour of the Icelandic domestic animals as well as reindeers and some exotic lizards. There will also be free time to explore and play (the rides are closed for winter but there are still some exciting play areas). We will also be grilling hot dogs for everyone (if there are any dietary requirements, e.g. vegan, no pork or gluten, please make note of that on the registration form). This trip is suitable for all ages and there’s no capacity limit.

Time: Friday April 1st
Place: Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo, Laugardalur, 105 Reykjavík

Buses will be provided based on interest so please sign up here:

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Поїздка в басейн

Hópferð í Árbæjarlaug. Sundlaugin er mjög fjölskylduvæn og með frábæru útsýni yfir Reykjavík. Krakkar eldri en 10 þurfa ekki umsjónarkennara fyrir fullorðna en sjálfboðaliðar munu koma með. Ef börnin eða foreldrarnir eiga ekki sundföt ennþá (við erum að vinna í að fá alla sundföt) mun sundlaugin lána sundföt og handklæði sér að kostnaðarlausu. Eftir að hafa skvett í sundlaugina mun ísbíllinn kíkja í heimsókn og gefa öllum börnunum ís.

Tími: Fimmtudagur 31. mars
Staður: Árbæjarlaug almenningslaug, Fylkisvegi 9, 110 Reykjavík

Rútur verða útvegaðar eftir áhuga svo vinsamlegast skráðu þig hér:

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Групова поїздка до Ігрової Арени

Arena Gaming (https://arenagaming.is/) is the biggest and most advanced space for playing video games in Iceland. The kids will get a chance to play games on 25 Playstation 5 consoles and over 120 PC computers. A coach will help the kids to get started. The computers are suitable for kids aged 8 and older but younger children are also welcomed and will be treated to films on a big screen. Arena will also provide a pizza buffet and drinks.

Time: Wednesday March 30th 12:00-16:00
Place: Arena Gaming, Turninn Smáratorgi 3, 201 Kópavogur

The capacity is up to 80 kids. Volunteers will come along and buses will be provided based on interest so please sign up here:

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Відвідайте Науковий центр Університету Ісландії

The University of Iceland Science Centre (Vísindasmiðjan) invites refugees from Ukraine to visit the centre these next two Mondays: March 28th and April 4th. Guests can play around with installations that demonstrate intriguing properties of the physical world and take part in tinkering workshops constructing vibrating machines that draw and simple electrical circuits to light up small bulbs.

The activities are ideal for family members of all ages interested in exploring and tinkering. They are particularly well suited for guests aged 10 but younger visitors will find great joy in taking part with a little help from their parents.

Time: Monday March 28th and Monday April 4th 14:00-15:30
Place: Vísindasmiðjan, Háskólabíó (The University Cinema) við Hagatorg, 107 Reykjavík.

The capacity is up to 40 guests for each session. Volunteers will come along and buses will be provided based on interest so please sign up here:

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Protest meeting


Human rights, lives of children, women, and men, sovereignty of countries. These are values we have and continue to show support to. These values for more than a month have been brutally undermined in Ukraine. Let’s meet again at Hallgrimskirkja and walk down to Tungata 24 on Sunday, in support and solidarity of Ukraine and protest against brutality.

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СРЕДА, 6 АПРЕЛЯ 2022 г., 14:00–22:00

Artists4Ukraine возвращаются в Bíó Paradis в сотрудничестве с MaGiKa Films для показа фильма Андрея Лисецкого «Земля Ивана».
Фильм начинается в 19:00, а тихий аукцион предметов искусства будет проходить с 14:00 до 20:00, после чего наш аукционист будет принимать заключительные ставки.
Художников, участвующих в аукционе, можно увидеть на сайте artistists4ukraine.com, и если вы художник, желающий принять участие в этом аукционе, мы всегда открыты для заявок, просто заполните форму на нашем сайте!
Билеты на фильм можно купить как на месте, так и через artist4ukraine.com/program
Стартовая цена билета 1600 ISK, но вы всегда можете дать больше!

100% дохода от продажи билетов идут в DOCU/HELP https://docudays.ua/rus/help/
Команда общественной организации Docudays и фестиваля Docudays UA собирает деньги на различные аспекты поддержки. Мы создали фонд поддержки DOCU/HELP для украинских кинематографистов и команды фестиваля, чтобы рассказать миру о преступлениях России в Украине, поддержать тех, кто документирует эти преступления, и продолжать знакомить мир с современной украинской культурой.


Kids for Ukraine – Krakkar fyrir Úkraínu

SATURDAY, APRIL 2, 2022 AT 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

The IYC (Intercultural Youth Center) in union with modurmal invites you to participate in the fundraising for the children of Ukraine. There will be a children´s concert of individual performances but also children will be selling cookies, cake, and other things designed and made by them. There will be board games, and much more!

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